Napa Valley Vintners Holiday Party With A Purpose

It’s the most wonderful time of the year here in Napa! Everyone is in the spirit of giving and the holiday parties are in abundance. This celebration, in particular, had a purpose. The Napa Valley Vintners goal is to consistently produce wines of the highest quality and to provide environmental leadership and to care for the extraordinary place they call home. Imagine all the wineries and winemakers in Napa converging to give back to needy children. That’s exactly what they did at Copia. Copia is a revitalized event space in the Culinary Institute of America in Downtown Napa. Each guest brought one or two bottles of their wine to share with their fellow winemakers and to donate toys for children in need. The venue is an amazing modern space set up for food exhibitions, tastings, and events.  To see everyone coming together to celebrate and give back to the community makes me burst with pride in my city.

On Christmas morning there will be some very happy kids in this valley and I’m glad I was there to witness the generosity of those who made it possible.

napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0001 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0002 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0003 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0005 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0006 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0008 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0009 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0012 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0014 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0016 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0017 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0019 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0022 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0024 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0028 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0029 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0030 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0032 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0033 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0034 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0035 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0036 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0039 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0041 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0042 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0046 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0048 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0049 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0057 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0061 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0062 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0063 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0065 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0067 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0068 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0069 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0070 napa-event-photographer-holiday-party0072


Napa Valley Vintners & Michelin Guide 2016 Dinner

As a commercial photographer with a focus on food and wine in Napa and Sonoma, my work allows me to capture some of the best cuisine and vino the area has to offer. And what could be better than working with The Napa Valley VintnersThomas Keller and Bouchon Bistro in Yountville? After the successful opening of The French Laundry in 1998, Keller opened this French bistro in 2002, and it has become a world-renowned eatery. There is a symbiotic relationship between the wine and cuisine in Napa. Each one elevates the other, and the relationship relies on the success of each other. This partnership was celebrated when The Michelin Guide hosted a dinner for the Napa Valley Vintners prior to their 2016 Summit at Chef Keller’s iconic bistro, and I was there to photograph the event.  For a food and wine lover like myself, this was a great honor.  I wish you could have been there to feel the energy in the room and to experience the smells emanating from the kitchen. Chef Keller and his staff were extremely gracious and hospitable. This is a night I’ll never forget, and as 2016 comes to a close, it’s an assignment I’m extremely proud of and humbled by.

napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-1 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-2 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-4 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-5 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-6 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-8 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-9napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-11
napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-55napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-13napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-14napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-18napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-19napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-20napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-23 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-24 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-25 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-26 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-28 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-29 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-30napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-31napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-33napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-34napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-35napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-36napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-37napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-38napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-39 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-41 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-42 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-44 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-45 napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-46napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-47napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-48napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-49napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-50napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-51napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-52napa_food_wine_event_photographer_bouchon-53



San Antonio Winery – Cabernet Harvest

What do you think when you enjoy a rich glass of Cabernet? Do you savor the flavors and try to identify the subtleties that give the vintage it’s unique characteristics? I hope this post will help you to go further into what makes a beautiful bottle of wine. I recently photographed the fall harvest for San Antonio Winery’s Napa vineyard operations. The winemakers and the crew harvested at night and into the early morning, so I had to use all of my lighting skills to get this right. It was amazing shooting as the sun came up and witnessing the live art show the sky over Napa creates. The deep color of the grapes will be an indelible image for me. On this shoot I did something a little different and took wide angle shots of the entire vineyard. You can see how vast it is, and imagine how many grapes had to be picked.

As I watched the crew picking the grapes by hand, it made me appreciate that beautiful glass of wine all the more. Not only do the grapes absorb what is in the soil, and in the air around them, but I now see the character of the wine is also in the people who cultivate the vintage.

napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0001 napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0002 napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0003napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0004napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0005napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0006napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0007 napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0008 napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0010 napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0009napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0011napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0012napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0014napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0015 napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0016 napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0017 napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0018 napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0019napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0020 napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0021 napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0022 napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0023 napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0024napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0027napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0028napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0032napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0033napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0034napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0035napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0036napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0037napa-harvest-vineyard-and-wine-photographer0038






Ehlers Estate Winery – Full Moon Harvest

When you or I walk into our favorite wine shop to purchase a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, we rarely think about the effort that goes into that one perfect bottle. I was given the opportunity to photograph the recent harvest of these lovely grapes at Ehlers Estate in Napa Valley. Situated in the St. Helena appellation, this winery practices a strict adherence to Biodynamic and organic farming methods. The harvest began at night under the light of the full moon and continued until sunrise the next morning. This experience was very surreal for me. I wish you could have been there to take in the smell of the earth and the fresh cut grapes. One of the most indelible moments of this experience for me was watching the hard work and pride of the team at Ehlers. It’s given me an entirely new appreciation for what goes into a beautiful bottle of wine. The next time I open a bottle of Ehlers Sauvignon Blanc, I will take the time to savor the smell, taste, and the spirit of the people that went in to creating it. I hope the images I captured will encourage you to do the same. Cheers!

wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0045 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0047  wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0077 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0084 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0086 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0096 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0111 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0115 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0132 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0142 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0143 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0146 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0148 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0175 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0201 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0202 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0211 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0212wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0228wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0224 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0240wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0257 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0261wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0244


The Judgement of Paris – 40th Anniversary

It may be hard to believe but in the early 1970’s Napa Valley wine was considered to be less than desirable by wine enthusiasts. Especially those in France. That is until a British wine expert and merchant Steven Spurrier changed everything. Spurrier organized the 1976 wine competition known as “The Judgment of Paris”. The competition was a blind taste test of French and Napa Valley wines, which was won by the California entries. It thrust the region into what it is today. Forty years later Spurrier returned to Napa Valley for “The Judgement of Napa”, hosted by Jean-Charles Boisset, proprietor of Raymond Vineyards. The event was an invitation only event which served two purposes. One to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Paris competition, and the second a United State’s launch of Spurrier’s Bride Valley English Sparkling Wine.

Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (1)

Always the gracious host Boisset treated attendees including members of the press and wine influncers to a friendly competition between Spurrier’s Sparkling Wine and his own No. 9 Russian River Valley Brut Blanc de Blancs 2009, in a blind tasting. These two pillars of the worldwide wine community have collaborated, with Boisset importing Bride Valley to The United States. Being the wine lover that I am, and living and working is this incredible Valley, you can only imagine how truly humbled I was to photograph this event.  I always enjoy working with J.C. Boisset for so many reasons, including his impeccable style, his graciousness, and his love of sharing his joy with others.  It’s a day that will go down in my life as one that I’ll never forget.

Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (2) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (3)Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (5) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (9) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (10) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (13) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (15) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (16) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (18) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (19) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (21) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (23) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (25) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (28) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (29) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (30) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (32) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (33) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (35) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (37) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (38)Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (40)Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (39) Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (48)Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (55)Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (54)Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (61)Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (64)Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (66)Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (69)Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (71)Napa_Event_and_Celebrity_Photographer_Raymond-Vineyards0001 (43)





Caldwell Vineyard – Napa Jazz Getaway

Caldwell Vineyard hosted a private concert by Jazz Pianist Brian Culbertson. I was so lucky to be present to capture the images of another great Napa Valley event. The performance and subsequent private wine tasting was part of Culbertson’s annual “Napa Valley Jazz Get Away“. Culberston is the founder of this exciting jazz festival that brings the best musicians to our valley annually. I had such a great time photographing this event for the winery. Guests were treated to everything that Caldwell Vineyard has to offer. After watching Culbertson’s brilliant performance, everyone enjoyed multiple wine tasting stations. One of the highlights of the event was the tasting of limited production Moone Tsai wines. As if all of this wasn’t fabulous enough, Caldwell’s master barrel cooper gave a demonstration of his barrel making. At this time Caldwell is the only winery in Napa has their own full time master cooper. Watching this craftsmanship in person was a real treat for a wine lover like me.

Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0001 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0002 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0003 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0004 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0005 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0006 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0007 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0008 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0009 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0010 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0011 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0012Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0015Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0016Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0016-2Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0017Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0018Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0016-2Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0014Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0019Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0020Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0021Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0022Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0023Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0024Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0025Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0026Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0027Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0028Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0029Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0030Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0031Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0032Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0033Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0034Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0036Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0037Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0038Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0039Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0040Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0041Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0042Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0043Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0044Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0045Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0046Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0047Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0048




Landmark Vineyards – Open House

Landmark Vineyards in Sonoma invited me to photograph their recent open house for their marketing efforts and I had a great time! When the day came there was a chill in the air, but the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. Guests in attendance had the opportunity to taste a variety of wines accompanied by delicious cuisine.  I love Landmark’s labels. They have a luxurious texture and simplicity that made it easy to stage the bottles in unique situations. I used the native flowers on the property to showcase the bottles, and I’m so happy with the results. The rich colors of yellow flowers, purple lavendar and the green grass were a stunning contrast for the bottles.

You’ve noticed that we’ve been doing more experiential marketing photography lately. This combination of staged photography mixed with a live event is becoming very popular here in wine country, and I’m enjoying the medium. I love the everything about Northern California lifestyle, fine food and wine. I’m truly a blessed man to do what I love in the place I love.

Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin  Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin Sonoma_Wine_and_Food_Photographer_Alexander_Rubin

JCB Tasting Salon & Atelier by JCB – Open House

Many of my commercial clients are working with experiential marketing. This is where an event or “experience” is combined with commercial shooting. In addition to energy charged imagery, the consumer becomes part of an actual experience. Such was the case for my latest shoot with JCB Tasting Salon & Atelier by JCB. It was a combined shoot with branding and commercial images for their advertising and marketing through an open house. The Atelier by JCB is a epicurean boutique in the heart of Yountville featuring an assortment of culinary delights, as well as high-end retail items carefully curated by Jean-Charles Boisset himself. As with everything Jean-Charles touches, the tasting room and retail atelier is decadent and gorgeous.

At the open house nothing but the best was on display for guests to enjoy from the finest JCB wines to epicurean delights that are featured in the salon. I’m very lucky to be part of this world that reflects the joy of JCB and his desire to share it!

Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0002 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0003Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0016 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0017 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0018 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0019 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0020 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0021 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0022 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0023 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0025 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0026 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0027 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0028 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0029 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0030Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0005Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0006Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0007Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0009Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0011Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0012Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0013Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0014Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0015Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0010

Cakebread Cellars – Bottle Shots

Commercial advertising and marketing shoots are something I love working on. Especially when they are for such a great winery, like Cakebread Cellars.  I spent a full day shooting beautiful bottle shots and images of the winery. The photos will be used for their upcoming advertising and marketing.  I staged the bottles in different areas of the winery, photographed the vineyard, and even got some shots of the inner workings of the winery itself. I’m very proud of these images, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they use them.

Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0001 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0003 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0004 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0005 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0006 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0007 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0008 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0009 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0010 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0011 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0012 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0013 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0014 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0015

Cakebread Cellars Open House

Cakebread Cellars recently hosted an Open House at their winery, with the goal of treating their guests to a sensory experience while capturing new images for their marketing. They brought me in to shoot the event with the concept of providing commercial and lifestyle images during a live event. I’ve been doing more and more of this style of shoot lately, and it’s something I’m really enjoying. It’s a great new way to do commercial marketing and it feels more fluid when I’m shooting around a actual event. I was chosen because the winery was attracted to my style which they felt conveys warmth, color, and texture. Through my camera I was able to show Cakebread Cellars’ commitment to quality and hospitality. Through the movement of a live event I was able to evoke the craftsmanship that goes into their wine making and the comadery that their guests enjoy during an event. I loved shooting the food and wine offerings that engaged all the senses. After all, isn’t that what food and wine is all about? It should engage the eyes, the nose and the palate. I worked very hard to ensure that I kept all of Cakebread’s goals in mind, and I’m so proud of the final product. I think I really helped to tell their story through my lens.

Napa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa WInery Event Photography 0014Napa WInery Event Photography 0015Napa WInery Event Photography 0016Napa WInery Event Photography 0017Napa WInery Event Photography 0018Napa WInery Event Photography 0019Napa WInery Event Photography 0020Napa WInery Event Photography 0021Napa WInery Event Photography 0022Napa WInery Event Photography 0023Napa WInery Event Photography 0024Napa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_Rubin