Ehlers Estate Winery – Full Moon Harvest

When you or I walk into our favorite wine shop to purchase a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, we rarely think about the effort that goes into that one perfect bottle. I was given the opportunity to photograph the recent harvest of these lovely grapes at Ehlers Estate in Napa Valley. Situated in the St. Helena appellation, this winery practices a strict adherence to Biodynamic and organic farming methods. The harvest began at night under the light of the full moon and continued until sunrise the next morning. This experience was very surreal for me. I wish you could have been there to take in the smell of the earth and the fresh cut grapes. One of the most indelible moments of this experience for me was watching the hard work and pride of the team at Ehlers. It’s given me an entirely new appreciation for what goes into a beautiful bottle of wine. The next time I open a bottle of Ehlers Sauvignon Blanc, I will take the time to savor the smell, taste, and the spirit of the people that went in to creating it. I hope the images I captured will encourage you to do the same. Cheers!

wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0045 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0047  wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0077 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0084 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0086 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0096 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0111 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0115 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0132 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0142 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0143 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0146 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0148 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0175 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0201 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0202 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0211 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0212wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0228wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0224 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0240wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0257 wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0261wine-harvest-photographer-in-napa-valley_0244


Cakebread Cellars – Bottle Shots

Commercial advertising and marketing shoots are something I love working on. Especially when they are for such a great winery, like Cakebread Cellars.  I spent a full day shooting beautiful bottle shots and images of the winery. The photos will be used for their upcoming advertising and marketing.  I staged the bottles in different areas of the winery, photographed the vineyard, and even got some shots of the inner workings of the winery itself. I’m very proud of these images, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they use them.

Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0001 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0003 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0004 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0005 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0006 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0007 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0008 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0009 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0010 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0011 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0012 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0013 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0014 Napa Bottle SHot and Wine Photographer 0015

Cakebread Cellars Open House

Cakebread Cellars recently hosted an Open House at their winery, with the goal of treating their guests to a sensory experience while capturing new images for their marketing. They brought me in to shoot the event with the concept of providing commercial and lifestyle images during a live event. I’ve been doing more and more of this style of shoot lately, and it’s something I’m really enjoying. It’s a great new way to do commercial marketing and it feels more fluid when I’m shooting around a actual event. I was chosen because the winery was attracted to my style which they felt conveys warmth, color, and texture. Through my camera I was able to show Cakebread Cellars’ commitment to quality and hospitality. Through the movement of a live event I was able to evoke the craftsmanship that goes into their wine making and the comadery that their guests enjoy during an event. I loved shooting the food and wine offerings that engaged all the senses. After all, isn’t that what food and wine is all about? It should engage the eyes, the nose and the palate. I worked very hard to ensure that I kept all of Cakebread’s goals in mind, and I’m so proud of the final product. I think I really helped to tell their story through my lens.

Napa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa WInery Event Photography 0014Napa WInery Event Photography 0015Napa WInery Event Photography 0016Napa WInery Event Photography 0017Napa WInery Event Photography 0018Napa WInery Event Photography 0019Napa WInery Event Photography 0020Napa WInery Event Photography 0021Napa WInery Event Photography 0022Napa WInery Event Photography 0023Napa WInery Event Photography 0024Napa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_Rubin