Caldwell Vineyard – Napa Jazz Getaway

Caldwell Vineyard hosted a private concert by Jazz Pianist Brian Culbertson. I was so lucky to be present to capture the images of another great Napa Valley event. The performance and subsequent private wine tasting was part of Culbertson’s annual “Napa Valley Jazz Get Away“. Culberston is the founder of this exciting jazz festival that brings the best musicians to our valley annually. I had such a great time photographing this event for the winery. Guests were treated to everything that Caldwell Vineyard has to offer. After watching Culbertson’s brilliant performance, everyone enjoyed multiple wine tasting stations. One of the highlights of the event was the tasting of limited production Moone Tsai wines. As if all of this wasn’t fabulous enough, Caldwell’s master barrel cooper gave a demonstration of his barrel making. At this time Caldwell is the only winery in Napa has their own full time master cooper. Watching this craftsmanship in person was a real treat for a wine lover like me.

Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0001 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0002 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0003 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0004 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0005 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0006 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0007 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0008 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0009 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0010 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0011 Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0012Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0015Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0016Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0016-2Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0017Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0018Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0016-2Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0014Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0019Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0020Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0021Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0022Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0023Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0024Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0025Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0026Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0027Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0028Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0029Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0030Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0031Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0032Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0033Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0034Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0036Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0037Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0038Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0039Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0040Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0041Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0042Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0043Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0044Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0045Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0046Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0047Napa Event and Winery Photographer_0048




JCB Tasting Salon & Atelier by JCB – Open House

Many of my commercial clients are working with experiential marketing. This is where an event or “experience” is combined with commercial shooting. In addition to energy charged imagery, the consumer becomes part of an actual experience. Such was the case for my latest shoot with JCB Tasting Salon & Atelier by JCB. It was a combined shoot with branding and commercial images for their advertising and marketing through an open house. The Atelier by JCB is a epicurean boutique in the heart of Yountville featuring an assortment of culinary delights, as well as high-end retail items carefully curated by Jean-Charles Boisset himself. As with everything Jean-Charles touches, the tasting room and retail atelier is decadent and gorgeous.

At the open house nothing but the best was on display for guests to enjoy from the finest JCB wines to epicurean delights that are featured in the salon. I’m very lucky to be part of this world that reflects the joy of JCB and his desire to share it!

Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0002 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0003Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0016 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0017 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0018 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0019 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0020 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0021 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0022 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0023 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0025 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0026 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0027 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0028 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0029 Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0030Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0005Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0006Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0007Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0009Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0011Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0012Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0013Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0014Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0015Napa Commertial Wine and Event Photographer0010

Cakebread Cellars Open House

Cakebread Cellars recently hosted an Open House at their winery, with the goal of treating their guests to a sensory experience while capturing new images for their marketing. They brought me in to shoot the event with the concept of providing commercial and lifestyle images during a live event. I’ve been doing more and more of this style of shoot lately, and it’s something I’m really enjoying. It’s a great new way to do commercial marketing and it feels more fluid when I’m shooting around a actual event. I was chosen because the winery was attracted to my style which they felt conveys warmth, color, and texture. Through my camera I was able to show Cakebread Cellars’ commitment to quality and hospitality. Through the movement of a live event I was able to evoke the craftsmanship that goes into their wine making and the comadery that their guests enjoy during an event. I loved shooting the food and wine offerings that engaged all the senses. After all, isn’t that what food and wine is all about? It should engage the eyes, the nose and the palate. I worked very hard to ensure that I kept all of Cakebread’s goals in mind, and I’m so proud of the final product. I think I really helped to tell their story through my lens.

Napa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_RubinNapa WInery Event Photography 0014Napa WInery Event Photography 0015Napa WInery Event Photography 0016Napa WInery Event Photography 0017Napa WInery Event Photography 0018Napa WInery Event Photography 0019Napa WInery Event Photography 0020Napa WInery Event Photography 0021Napa WInery Event Photography 0022Napa WInery Event Photography 0023Napa WInery Event Photography 0024Napa_WInery_Event_Photoraphy_Alexander_Rubin



Blackbird Vineyards & Bulgari – Ma(i)sonry Dinner

This is the second installment of a shoot that I did at Ma(i)sonry in Yountville in the same day. In addition to doing a commercial shoot at this beautiful location for Restoration Hardware, the garden was the scene for a welcome dinner for the 35th Annual Auction Napa Valley. The private dinner was hosted by Blackbird Vineyards and Bulgari. This impressive wine-pairing dinner was expertly prepared by renowned Chef Victor Scargle. As this was part of the fundraising auction, models mingled with guests adorned in Bulgari jewels which were up for auction. On the dining table were more jewels and watches by Bulgari under glass. As a lover of food wine, and the finer things in life, this was a real treat for me. Some of my images landed on the DuJour Blog. Check out the whole story here.

Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Blackbird_Vineyards_Bulgari_Ma(i)sonry_DinnerAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Ma(i)sonry_Napa_Valley_Auction_BulgariNapa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_5Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Blackbird_Vineyards_BulgariNapa Commercial Wine and Event Photographer_0388-EditAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Blackbird_Vineyards_Bulgari_Ma(i)sonry_DinnerNapa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_0406Napa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_0407Napa Commercial Wine and Event Photographer_0443-EditAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Blackbird_Vineyards_Bulgari_Ma(i)sonry_DinnerNapa Commercial Wine and Event Photographer_0386Napa Commercial Wine and Event Photographer_0427Napa Commercial Wine and Event Photographer_0420Napa Commercial Wine and Event Photographer_0401-EditAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Blackbird_Vineyards_Bulgari_Ma(i)sonry_DinnerNapa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_4Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Blackbird_Vineyards_Bulgari_Ma(i)sonry_Dinner