This is the second installment of a shoot that I did at Ma(i)sonry in Yountville in the same day. In addition to doing a commercial shoot at this beautiful location for Restoration Hardware, the garden was the scene for a welcome dinner for the 35th Annual Auction Napa Valley. The private dinner was hosted by Blackbird Vineyards and Bulgari. This impressive wine-pairing dinner was expertly prepared by renowned Chef Victor Scargle. As this was part of the fundraising auction, models mingled with guests adorned in Bulgari jewels which were up for auction. On the dining table were more jewels and watches by Bulgari under glass. As a lover of food wine, and the finer things in life, this was a real treat for me. Some of my images landed on the DuJour Blog. Check out the whole story here.

Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Blackbird_Vineyards_Bulgari_Ma(i)sonry_DinnerAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Ma(i)sonry_Napa_Valley_Auction_BulgariNapa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_5Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Blackbird_Vineyards_BulgariNapa Commercial Wine and Event Photographer_0388-EditAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Blackbird_Vineyards_Bulgari_Ma(i)sonry_DinnerNapa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_0406Napa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_0407Napa Commercial Wine and Event Photographer_0443-EditAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Blackbird_Vineyards_Bulgari_Ma(i)sonry_DinnerNapa Commercial Wine and Event Photographer_0386Napa Commercial Wine and Event Photographer_0427Napa Commercial Wine and Event Photographer_0420Napa Commercial Wine and Event Photographer_0401-EditAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Blackbird_Vineyards_Bulgari_Ma(i)sonry_DinnerNapa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_4Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Blackbird_Vineyards_Bulgari_Ma(i)sonry_Dinner