When two successful brands come together as one, it’s exciting to watch what emerges. Such was the case with Restoration Hardware and Napa Valley’s beloved Ma(i)sonry. Imagine how honored I must have been when asked to photograph their partnership. In Yountville, Ma(i)sonry is a locally loved and respected art gallery and boutique wine tasting room, in a country farmhouse setting, with a private garden that can be rented for private parties. It’s listed on the National Historic Register for it’s rich history in Napa Valley. Recently Restoration Hardware purchased Ma(i)sonry. Now in addition to being a wine tasting room and art gallery, it’s also an interior design gallery. I’m extremely proud of the images that came out this shoot, and know you’re going to love them too.
Napa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_0276Napa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_3Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Restoration_Hardware_Ma(i)sonryAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Restoration_Hardware_Ma(i)sonryAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Restoration_Hardware_Ma(i)sonryAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Restoration_Hardware_Ma(i)sonryNapa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_1Napa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_0108Napa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_0226Napa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_0270Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Restoration_Hardware_Ma(i)sonryNapa Commercial Wine and Event Photographer_0311Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Restoration_Hardware_Ma(i)sonryAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Restoration_Hardware_Ma(i)sonryAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Restoration_Hardware_Ma(i)sonryAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Restoration_Hardware_Ma(i)sonryAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Restoration_Hardware_Ma(i)sonryNapa Bottle and Wine and Event Photographer_0345

As an added bonus to such as a decadent shoot, this became a two-part project. Ma(i)sonry became the site for a very special dinner on the patio for a fundraising auction. It included amazing cuisine and Bulgari jewels. That blog post is coming up next!